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Must-follow Mum Instagrammers

Following from our post on some fabulous mummy bloggers (you can read that here!) we thought it would be fun to give a roundup of some of our favourite mum-instagrammers (and in some case established authors and bloggers) that we follow! These women are fabulous bloggers, honest mothers, and support other mothers in their community! Check them out below:


  1. Bristol Mum

Bristol Mum is someone we have followed since we started our Instagram account. An influential blogger and award-winner in Bristol, born and bred in Bristol, she is mother to two children both being brought up in Bristol! Bristol mum has been featured in various magazines and awards, and writes features about different areas of Bristol. If you want to learn more about parenting in Bristol and fun things to do in this marvelous city – this is the Instagram account for you!


  1. Eleanor Willcok – the_bristol_parent

With 2,152 followers, author of The Bristol Parent, Eleanor, a mother of two, she hopes to provide a resource for locals and visitors to Bristol who are seeking inspiration of what to do on a day out. Her blog focuses on outdoors, garden and woods but she also shares reviews of places to go and eat! A some-time writer for Buzzfeed and Talkmum, this recently named Best of Bristol top Bristolian to follow on twitter is a must follow account for anyone looking for a fun family day out in the South West of England!


  1. Mummypiggles – Lisa

Lisa, an instablogger and mother to Isla and Alice from Birmingham boasts 15.3k followers on Instagram and there is no doubt why! She takes photos of her daughters and captions them with the everyday curiosity and conversations between them. If you ever thought your child was alone in pondering daily life and coming up with strange questions or life discoveries, worry no more, her daughters will assure you that there is always something to wonder about and explore! Here is a sample quote from one of her posts:


“What do you want to do today?”
“Uh… Watch Netflix in our pants.”
“Brilliant, I’ll see you in five hours.”


  1. _hannahsilver_ – Mundane Mummy

Hannah Silver of Mundane Mummy hails from East London, a mum of two, and a self-proclaimed general procrastinator. Since having her first born in 2013 her instagram explores just how tiring, wonderful, yet monotonous motherhood can be.


  1. mumunderpressure – Jessamine

Single Parent to 5, Jessamine shares her “chaotic magical adventures” one photo at a time on her Instagram page!  This mum proves that you can be a parent to five children and run your own business too. Her one car (or a bus as she calls it) allows her to spend time with the family and their home is well lived in! Give her account a follow to join her adventure!


Follow them all here:

  1. Bristol Mum
  2. the_bristol_parent
  3. Mummypiggles
  4. _hannahsilver_
  5. mumunderpressure


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Top 5 Books for Beginner Readers

Looking to start your little one’s library? Or maybe just add to your already growing collection? This blog post may be the one you need to read! The Pregnanc2Baby team have picked their top 5 favourite books for beginner readers, and all books chosen have a unique spin.

1. Love you Forever.

Authored by Robert Munsch in 1986 is a classic children’s book and is loved by many. The story details the life cycle of children from birth to adulthood, detailing exasperating behavior of a toddler flushing watches down toilets. Despite the behaviours of her child, the mother character cradles her son nightly, singing him a lullaby. If you haven’t read it, we won’t spoil the sweet ending, but it is a must read and a must-have on your library shelf!

2. Pat the bunny. Dorothy Kunhardt; 1962.

An interactive book allowing for children to touch the bunny fur, this book is one of the best-selling children’s books of all time, offering a classic touch-and-feel book allowing babies a playful and engaging experience creating special moments between parent and children – these are the memories of reading with their parent’s kids will remember to a lifetime.

3. Squeaky Baby Bath Book.

With an interest age of up to 5years, this squeaky bath book creates great opportunities to keep your little one entertained in the bath. If the bath isn’t the place for reading in your family, it makes a great travel book or something to read in the high chair with waterproof pages and a built-in squeaker it guarantees fun! Through this book your baby can discover baby animals from a piglet to a penguin, with labels encouraging play-learning. The book is BPA free, non-toxic, and wipe clean pages!